The Pub Call #16 — The Handy in Frankfurt Episode

pubcall_logoThis week The Pub Call crew welcomes Kirk Biglione from and Andrew Savikas from O’Reilly Media.

Our three topics are:

  1. The Sony surge
  2. Tools of Change Conference at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
  3. The book app economy

Download the mp3 of The Pub Call Episode #16 or download the enhanced iTunes version (m4a).

Here are links to some of the other things we talk about in episode #16 of The Pub Call podcast:


Mark didn’t make any mistakes this week, which is a first in 16 episodes but if you have feedback send us an email at feedback(->at->) or leave a comment. Thanks for your time.

The music featured in The Pub Call show is by The Jive Ass Sleepers.

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  • Really enjoyed this. Just discovered the site, where are numbers 1 - 13?

  • Listen it later.

  • KatMeyer

    i am so sorry i missed out, but this was a great pubcall! just wanted to add please vote for my cool sxsw panel with Maya Bisineer of MemeTales and: Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media), Lisa Holton (FourthStoryMedia), Mark Jeffrey (author of Max Quick Series and CTO of, and Evo Terra (podiobooks)

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