The Pub Call #14 — Romance Book Geekery

pubcall14_logoOn the call this week we talk about The Romance Writers Annual conference, ebook scheduling, and the open publishing distribution system. Special guest this week is Liza Daly from She is the creator of ePubZenGarden and the Bookworm ebook reader. The following are links to content discussed:

The music featured on the show is by the Jive Ass Sleepers. The track is called Private Eye.  You can listen to the entire album at Magnatune.

FollowUp: Dominique Raccah from SourceBooks wrote a post on ebook scheduling at Check it out.

Download the mp3 of The Pub Call Episode #14 or download the enhanced iTunes version (m4a).


The sound wasn’t great this episode. Apologies. For any other feedback send us an email at feedback(->at->) or leave a comment. Thanks for your time.

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  • arthurattwell

    Really enjoyed this Pub Call, thanks! Though learning about Star Wars Uncut is going to wreak havoc with my ability to get work done.

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